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Are you ready to join us in Tahoe and take your leadership skillset to the next level?

That's where we come in. We are ready to get you started on your "off road" (not on the paved road) journey where you will create your own internal road map to greatness! Choose one of the payment options below and become a part of our sisterhood of strength!

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Let us answer some of your questons right here!

Can I just purchase the Tahoe Retreat without Driven from Within?

Yes, right now our Simple Seats are the simplest way to join us. $997 or $1497 and you book your own room. Only $120 a night plus resort fees and tax. Although we put together Our Driven from Within package program at an irresistible add-on that is valued at over $10,000 if sold separately, you can still join us with our Simple Seat or VIP Seat which includes the retreat only.  

We want everyone to be able to join us! That being said, please consider our package. The learning and growing journey is an important one and there is a reason we built this program together! 

What makes this different from other retreats and conferences?

We set out to do something different from the very beginning. We do not want this to be a one time event for you - we want to stay with you for one year after the event to help you execute what you have learned. 

We have packaged our lifetime access to a 12 module program and a retreat to ensure you maximize your learning, your experience and the lasting results you see from your investment in you abd you can learn to rain yourself through life.

When should I register?

Register RIGHT NOW! Go below and pick your option: 

Simple Seat $997

VIP Simple Seat $1497 

or our full Driven from Within package for $2997 which in our all epxense padi option. 

We have several different payment options, group pricing and if you get on the phone with us, we have an extra special gift to give you! Do not hesitate to reserve your spot right away!

What if I am already involved in coaching? Will this interfere with that?

No, it will not. And, that's great that you believe in having a coach. First of all, every coach is different and offers something new to you. Our program is designed to teach you how to coach yourself and we even give you the tools to do it!

Did I see that I have lifetime access?

YES! YES and YES! When you purchase our complete package at $2997 you will always be able to go back and relearn, touch up on and clarify what we have taught you. 

Our methods of guiding you to understand how to change the conversation are priceless and last a lifetime when implemented correctly. 

Can and should I bring a friend?

ABSOLUTELY! The more the merrier. Bring the entire office (make sure you call us so we can give you group pricing). 

You can book your own room using our prearranged 30% savings link and bring a roomate, if you choose. 

If you come alone, and purchase the Driven package we can pair you with your newest best friend, if you'd like. Pricing is based on double occupancy, but you may choose to have a private room for a little extra.

How much time is required for the online Driven from Within program?

That's up to you! You may choose to work every week, every now and then or as you feel like it. You may choose to wait until after the retreat to beginthis online trining - you may not! 

The good news is, no matter how much you complete, you will still gain greatness from our chosen two-day activities at the retreat. We organized it this way on purpose because we want you to gain your greatness any way you choose!

What are my biggest gains from signing up for this program and retreat?

Well, that's going to depend on what you value. It could be a new level of self-awareness, or the ability to identify and understand others at a higher level. 

You might value the close connectedness you will feel with other women you meet at the retreat almost immediately because of what we have taught you. Bottmline is you will know you and how to utlize your unique self to level up your life in many ways!

What are the results I will experience or see from my journey?

That's going to depend on you. As with any experience, you get what you give and you get out of it what you put into it. 

If you engage and trust this process this experience will level up your conversation and your connections. This will result in greater success in business and personal relationships which will bring you more of what you want in life. What does that look like for you?

A little about us! 

We are experienced and know our stuff

Shari has been in leadership roles in business since she was 18 (That's 40 years) and has worked on people development many of those years. Hundreds of training classes in those 40 years and her recent 5 sciences of self behavior analyst accreditation allow her to be one of the best human capital strategists in the region. She is ready to guarantee the results you will experience from this program are life-changing.

Our goal is to give you what you deserve

This whole retreat and online lifetime program are to give you what you deserve. This isn't a typical "coaching program". Our main goal is to stand by your side as you activate your "new self" in your life. Conversations will change, opportunities will open up and you will find yourself propelling towards your goals when you learn how to bring the best in you out to the world. Each individual is different and we will be able to serve you specifically during this program. Think of this as a train the trainer's format. We teach you to be your own trainer!

Our training methods work

We are here to provide you the best experience ever. We use best practices to guide you through your personal growth "off road" journey and we have assembled some of the best women of merit that have what you need to level up! And you have "lifetime access" to all of the modules, recorded coaching calls and materials we use on your journey. Why would we do that? We are making this offer because we are truly dedicated to your personal and professional growth. We want the best for you. That's our goal!

We guarantee our results

We have used this method of training for clients for years. It works. And we are willing to guarantee it. As long as you follow all of our guidelines and participate in what we lay out for you we are willing to stand behind our work. We ask you to give this program 60 days out from the retreat (good things take time) to really show you the results you can experience. And we intend to be around to assist you through all of that. If at the end of this time you find our program has not worked for you - we will guarantee your money back.  

Want to talk it over before signing up?

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We have TWO OPTIONS!! Simple Seats - Retreat ONLY 

AND our Driven from Within package for one year of training WITH the retreat!

OPTION ONE: Driven from Within, our Women's Innovative Leadership Program Package 

This includes your room at the lake for 3 nights as a VIP (all epxenses paid) and one year of LIVE training support, plus lifetime access to your 12+ module program.


OPTION TWO: Simple Seats: Retreat Day Program ONLY

Is the simplest way to experince our Leadership & Legacy Retreat! Includes day program.

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